“Summer Miniature” by Danilo Borghi

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We’re all part of a great, perfect design.

When we ask ourselves what our place in the universe is, we realize that there is a huge difference between the perception we have of ourselves and the tiny size of our body: human beings are just a minimal lump of matter in an apparently boundless cosmos.

Danilo Borghi Danilo Borghi

We often believe that the whole world is reduced to the spaces we personally occupy, but this is an illusion. Thanks to the power of imagination, our minds can expand and reach distant galaxies; however, in the meantime, our bodies remain what they are, microscopic dots in a natural environment rich in variations.

Danilo Borghi Danilo Borghi

Many people are afraid of this revelation. The idea of floating in an endless void is undoubtedly frightening, but that’s not the only possibility. It is in fact astonishing the ability of our body to perfectly adapt to the environment, to its landscapes and ravines. This makes us understand that we are not alone and lost, but part of an amazing and unitary project.

Danilo Borghi

Summer Miniature, a photographic work by Danilo Borghi, is a project that focuses on these issues through a series of pictures taken in 2018, during the author’s summer stay in France. These images, which are almost abstract, offer a personal interpretation of the relationship between human beings and their natural surroundings. They express a strong sense of peace and balance through pastel shades and small silhouettes against a limitless sky.

Ultimately, Summer Miniature depicts our perpetual floating in an environment that must be explored and contemplated with curiosity, and which gives us the feeling of being back home.

All images by © Danilo Borghi | Instagram: @danilooborghi
Written by: Federica Bertagnolli – Translated by: Federica Bertagnolli


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