“Stories from a distorted memory” by Alan Balzac

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“If any photograph steals a piece of soul, is it possible then that I give you a piece of my mind every time I take a photo?”

Alan Balzac

Since photography was invented, it has always been surrounded by a veil of mystery, it catches a reality perceived by a singular person, the photographer.
Though, it shows us something that we can perceive just thanks to our knowledge and our experiences.

Alan BalzacAlan Balzac

Sharing photography is also sharing the contorted reality, altered by a point of view who decides to stop there and show us what he caught.
Like the Haiku, a kind of Japanese poetry, photography is a quiet and distant dialogue between the photographer and the viewer.

Alan Balzac Alan Balzac

The pictures find a meaning which, perceived by expert eyes or not, will always be different.
What we perceive is an “imaginary” world and who decides to portray it has to filter what is less or more important. What should be reminded and what not.

Alan Balzac Alan Balzac

That’s the reason why the photographers’ works can be considered as a mirror, which reflects their subconscious. There is no artistic reality which is not inevitably altered by the thoughts and the feeling of the artist.
Alan Balzac’s project (Stories from a distorted memory) portrays life events that he recognizes as inspiration. Life and reality that we see in his photos have been shaped by his personal vision.

Alan Balzac Alan Balzac

He affirms that there is a difference between what is shot by the photographer and what is perceived by anyone who observes his work.
His project, together with a study made around it, proved that showing the same pictures to different audiences, people were imagining always different stories connected with them.

Alan Balzac Alan Balzac

People created situations in their minds which were always different from each other, and so they proved the theory that not everything that is showed is actually as it appears.

Alan Balzac

And you that are now reading and watching, what do you see in these pictures?

All images © Alan Balzac / Instagram: @alanbalzac
Written by Chiara Mirra / Translated by Sylvia Ciscognetti


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