“Smargini” by Chiara Gini

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How many times have we stared at the sky, the sea, the horizon or any other landscapes that extends as far as the eyes can see?

How many times have we wondered what else is there that goes beyond our perception?

Obviously there is more matter, more earth, air and water but what would happen if we would realise that everything around us is in continuous, unavoidable change?

Sometimes a different angle or a different light can make one doubt what was unquestionable, and make one see things very differently in a matter of seconds.

What’s beyond out view and conception of things?

Beyond what we see, what is physically there, there are expanding worlds that are open to multiple interpretations.

These moment, places, visions, are what Chiara Gini calls “smarigini” [ “un-margins” T.N.].

She explains how the sequence of pictures she chose has its own meaning, a logical sequence to let us understand what she means when she talks about the smargini, so we have a net fence and and a definde border, in black and white…

Chiara Gini Chiara Gini
Chiara Gini Chiara Gini

…but then the shadow of a hand and some self-questioning make black and white become blue and then light blue, with an open space and a blurred horizon.

Chiara Gini Chiara Gini

Her photo series makes us part of her vision: the lines, the shadows and the edges come together in a dream-like image that can only come true if we open our mind to new dimensions.

Chiara Gini Chiara Gini

The grain of analog photos make the scene very different from our naked eye perception or even digital photography.
Film can hide and then reveal unexpeced details, making the invisible become visible.

Chiara Gini Chiara Gini
Chiara Gini Chiara Gini

Looking at these pictures leaves with the eyes pointed to the horizon and our mind fixed on the infinite.

All images © Chiara Gini / Instagram: @perquantoturagioni
Written by Chiara Mirra – Translated by Claudia Russo



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