“Self-Portraits with my Land” by Giorgia Bellotti

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It is clear by now: as human beings, we live our lives in the shelter of an artificial microcosm. We sleep peacefully within the walls of our homes, travel along traced roads, sprawled on the seats of our cars, and eat products that we find already packaged on the shelves of a supermarket.

We let technology protect us while we sink deeper and deeper into its reassuring embrace. Our daily interaction with nature is quite often limited to watering potted plants; we absently watch fishes swim in the aquarium, walk along avenues without paying attention to the trees.

Giorgia Bellotti Giorgia Bellotti Giorgia Bellotti Giorgia Bellotti

It is inevitable that in this context many people feel the need to rediscover a contact with nature: we realize that something is missing, something that cannot fit into our frenetic everyday life, and that is how we suddenly decide to go out in the open air to establish a bond with the earth.

Giorgia Bellotti Giorgia Bellotti

Giorgia Bellotti, a young photographer from Bologna, found the inspiration for “Self-Portraits with my Land” in her newfound connection with the natural world.

This project is indeed a collection of moments in which the author felt in total harmony with the territory, which has represented an essential source of stimuli to create the images.

Giorgia Bellotti Giorgia Bellotti

Natural elements appear as active and substantial components within the shots: the author’s face disappears in the fragrant jubilation of a flower bouquet, her body rests on a haystack. The sunset light traces sinuous shadows on a blanket of dry leaves, and right there, among the trees, a small human figure stands in contemplation.

The desire to hide the subject’s face creates a sense of mystery that innervates the pictures of a subtle hint of unreality: they are timeless, suspended scenes that express a profound silence.

I never plan or set up in advance the images according to a project; instead, they are the result of the most intimate and instinctive part of me. A journey into the unconscious in search of my identity.

Giorgia Bellotti Giorgia Bellotti

That of rediscovering oneself through nature is certainly a very topical issue, and Giorgia has dealt with it in an extremely effective way.

She told us that she carried out her project using a digital camera, which is the tool she usually works with. As for future projects, she wants to create other visual works focused on her emotion.

All images © Giorgia Bellotti / Instagram: @giorgibel
Written by Federica Bertagnoli – Translated by Federica Bertagnoli


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