“Red and Blue” by Alessandro Gori

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“It’s an unusual February night, it’s not cold. Chiara just auditioned for a film. The actors’ ia a tough job: it requires considerable – and sometimes, ephemeral- memory efforts”.

Alessandro Gori

That’s what gave input to the photos by Alessandro Gori: the need to have fun, to let go of the tesion and to forget the tiredness and to stop pretending, even if it’s just for a bit.

Everything stops around Chiara: the background is annihilated, colors lose intensity. It’s just her eyes and the red wine glass she is has in her hand…these are the key elements of the photo, anchoring it to the realm of the familiar, of the human, of the despair.
The walls absorb that blue from tormented eyes that are restlessy looking for something.

Alessandro Gori

These are photos made to ‘unlearn’, to stop memorising and forget how ‘heart’ is essential to ‘learn by heart’. The failed attempt of leaving the heart aside is what givese these photos such intenisty.
These pictures originated by the common need to find peace and follow the human inclination to seek serenity.
“pop to stop”, as Alessandro Gori ironically sugegsts.

So one only needs a Christmas present, a glass of Brunello and a pair of eyes. Red and Blue, like allies and enemies in a pretend war that will lead with an armistice with the world, in order to wave a white flag just for the time required for a photoshoot.

All images by ©Alessandro Gori | Instagram: @alessandrogori
Scritto da Ilaria Zocco – Traduzione di Claudia Russo


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