“Personal Jesus” by Riccardo Sirica

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The figure of Christ is sacred, historical, mysterious, alien for a few. We are always surrounded by his images, and we inevitably read about his actions and listen to his words. Whether you are Christian or not, the figure of Christ is inevitably part of everyone’s life, in one way or another. From art history to current novels, passing through artistic provocations, we always find it at the centre of our culture.
Particularly in recent years, literature, art, fashion and advertising have used his image with different intents, and caused almost always indignation.

Riccardo Sirica Riccardo Sirica

Riccardo Sirica‘s project is part of one of the greatest provocations of the present day: what if Jesus was a woman?

His visual account starts from this reflection and from a deep investigation on Christ’s path: the black and white, the contrasts and the figure of the woman tell us about the last moments of Jesus suffering.
The sinuous branch covertly replaces the Cross. The sacredness of the scenes loses its value; it is the female body, lean, curved, thin, delicate, that takes strength, instead. The crown of thorns is the focal point, the element that supports the intense gaze of the woman and pushes those who are looking to follow a path similar to a dance.
However, facing this intensity, we should not lower our guard: there is always the figure of Christ, with his pain and torment.

Riccardo Sirica Riccardo Sirica

So, what would have changed if he really had been a woman?
Would the ability of women to endure pain and to have a large view of life have made Christ’s life shorter?” asks himself the author, leaving us with a single certainty: “The history of the world would have been definitely different“.

Riccardo Sirica Riccardo Sirica Riccardo Sirica Riccardo Sirica

All images di © Riccardo Sirica
Website: www.riccardosirica.it | Instagram: @riccardosirica
Written by: Ilaria Zocco – Translated by: Sylvia Ciscognetti


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