La Côte by Antoine Bensa

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Those who live by the sea have eyes made to look at the waves and their reflections, to recognize the shades of blue and the grains of sand.
Those who live in French Riviera also know they have the attitude and personality typical of that part of France.

Antoine Bensa is one of the heirs of the Côte. Born in Nice, he was influenced by the sea of the magnificent region in which lives. For this reason, he decided to dedicate his work to the inhabitants of his land.

Antoine Bensa Antoine Bensa

Accompanied by a friend in the outskirts of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and inspired by Akila Berjaoui and Purienne, he created the first photography series of his second project, “La Côte“.

Far from bathers’ eyes, he immortalized their being “Azureans”.
Though the choice of the bodies and the framings, the photographer captured subjects immersed in a sensual and singular summer. He sneakily showed different scenes and different ways of experiencing the coast, with the eye of who recognizes himself in those scenes and knows what it is like to spend the summer near that sea.

In this way, “La Côte” describes the peace under the sun, the silence under the shade of the trees, the lightheartedness by the rocks, the hypnotic vision of the waves on the foreshore. It illustrates private landscapes, far from prying eyes but close enough to make you feel the warmth of the day and the fresh wind coming from the sea.

Antoine Bensa Antoine Bensa

“La Côte” investigates the habits of the French who live there, following them step by step and inviting you to fall in love with them.

Antoine Bensa Antoine BensaAntoine BensaAll images di © Antoine Bensa
Website: | Instagram: @antoinebensa
Written by Ilaria Zocco – Translated by Valeria Piunno


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