“Hong Kong, on the Waterfront” by Wong Wei-him

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To look at the outdoor spaces of our cities with new eyes looking for wonder, to observe people and their behaviours are activities we all do, sometimes without even noticing.
To look at the actions of those who surround us with curiosity tinged -or not- with interest, is a way to understand how much we all have in common yet how different we all are.

Wong Wei-him Wong Wei-him

“Hong Kong, on the Waterfront” is a project of photographer and architect Wong Wei-him.

As a citizen of a big metropolis like Hong Kong, he tells us what it feels like to stop for a second and figure out how each individual is able to blend themselves in a hectic city.

Wong Wei-him Wong Wei-him

While walking on the shores of the Hong Kong gulf, one can notice thousands of peopole gathering together or being on their own: some run, others read, some like to follow with their gaze the city skyline, relaxing and letting the breeze carry them.

The photos let one take a glimpse of the individuality of the inhabitants, which prevails over mass homogenisation.

Wong Wei-him Wong Wei-him

Here, on the waterfront, everyone can be themselves.

Everyone merges with the city in their own unique way.

Wong Wei-him Wong Wei-him

As an architect, Wong Wei-him is partcularly good at capturing the direct contact between the space and those who live in it, and his photographic work is able to frame these moment of intimacy between the people and the world.

Wong Wei-him Wong Wei-him
Wong Wei-him

All images © Wong Wei-him / Instagram: @wongweihim
Written by Chiara Mirra – Translated by Claudia Russo


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