“Greece” a zine by Karl Bailey

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This photographic project was generated with an ‘old school approach’, a return journey within our inner selves.
Karl Bailey is a cinema photographer, also author of “Greece“, a 38 – pages zine printed on recycled paper, with a cover in thick matte laminate.
The first time Karl went to Greece it was with his family, but in 2018 after a 10 years long absence, he decides to go back to the island of Zakynthos this time with a specific purpose. He has documented everything he could on 35mm films… for a grand total of over 10 film rolls.


Karl Bailey

What is striking is not just the beautiful landscapes, their colors or the people and their culture, but also the other side of the island. This other side is made of decadence and abandonment, empty buildings that an average tourist would not or could not notice.

Karl Bailey Karl Bailey

Karl himself admits “I used to have fun for hours on those water slides and after 15 years I was so surprised to see it was still there. But now it was abandoned and no longer in use… It was a bitter-sweet moment. It made me sad to see that it turned out like that, the energy of the place had almost disappeared. Nonetheless, it allowed me to remember how it once was and inspired me not only to take this picture but also to share this story with you all“.

Karl Bailey Karl Bailey

At FramePress we strongly suggest you don’t miss such projects were emotions are what really matters… support people like Karl, who have something to say and to show.

To purchase the zine, visit www.karlbailey.bigcartel.com

All images © Karl Bailey / Instagram: @karlbailey
Website: www.karlbailey.bigcartel.com


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