“From night to day, wanderers” by Luca Polito

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Words which come with images ended up representing an important element among photography projects, and that is not a trivial matter these days.

Written languages better express the meaning of shapes and colors, therefore we can say that words represent a stable ground on which the observer can walk slowly and calmly, without fear of falling, without seeing himself as a victim of traps or other dangers; the act of seeing becomes similar to a walk on the beach on a sunny afternoon.

Luca Polito’s pictures and words realize these concepts: calmness, an absolute firmness, a solid framework in which tensions, disturbances and any forgetfulness are cleverly explained by words.

The latter are as necessary as the images because they manage to arrive where the form stops, landing far away on the driest and untouchable sand of our life.
This is how the demiurge lays bare his subjectivity, making himself human and fragile, and the observer can participate in a silent dialogue with the author’s interior life, with his dreams and sadness and most intimate, extravagant thoughts.

The poet is a pretender, said Pessoa, but what about the photographer?
The photographer is a wanderer who gets on beaten roads, from night to day, from day to night. Not surprisingly, seven pictures were chosen for this project, and seven poems too, like a path from darkness to light, from a red sunset to the first lights of dawn.

Seven ways to love and remember, seven like the days of the week, like the Aeolian islands and even the Canaries. Seven ways to escape, to disappear, to hope.
Seven different roads in a range of alternative images and written words, so that who is watching will also walk along with the wanderer, grasp the essence of his reflections, capture a lost thought.

Luca PolitoAnd we reminded ourselves
that it is easier to get lost in us
than on the other side of the ocean.

Luca PolitoTheir legs carried them everywhere,
and they loved to follow them,
even in unknown places,
they loved those places,
they loved to get lost.

Luca PolitoDuring a timeless night
we remained embraced for eternity.
We did not have a name,
nothing to recognize ourselves,
there were only glances
those which never satisfied us.
That thrill of a night remained
that carried our fears

our happiness.

Luca PolitoPerfumes and sensations of our intimacy that
collapses on us.
To indulge in every single pleasure.
Surrounded by warmth.
To get lost in us.
Mind off.
Single beat.

Luca PolitoEven if they are old
They still carry your perfume,
my jacket
my shirt
my lips
and my heart.

And at a slow pace,
I will come to you.

Luca PolitoYou are the essence
the absence
the curse
the first love.

Luca PolitoWe had changed our point of view
that day,
between us,
we had the ground under our chin,
our ideas on those clouds
and our voices
whispering to say bullshits.

Pictures and Poems by © Luca Polito | Instagram: @lupo4s
Written by Iole Cianciosi – Translated by Federica Bertagnolli


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