“Foggy Cardiff” by Raquel Garcia

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The places we go through are never the same.
It’s not just one’s viewpoint but also a feeling that can make a place look different.

Sometimes it happens to look at something with new eyes and notice something one never paid attention to. Some other times, it is sufficient to be able to ask the right qestions.

Raquel Garcia Raquel Garcia

The first question Raquel Garcia asked herself when she was about to begin her photographic project (Foggy Cardiff), if it was wise to wander around the city at night.

The answer she gave herself is in a series of mysterious pictures she took after moving from Barcelona to Cardiff.

Raquel Garcia Raquel Garcia

She explores the city, walking through the new neighborhood in the dim lamppost light, she runs into fog. The places she constantly sees are not the same anymore. it’s just her and a thick silence keeping her company.
She shoots.
The darkness gives her the space and the time the daylight takes away from her. The night helps her to think and to rest.

Raquel Garcia Raquel Garcia

Everything has a different nuance.
She creates a paralell world, made of average environments turned into something extraordinary by focusing on uninteresting and ordinary objects and turning them into elements of an image which is captivating, mysterious and eye-catching.
She is able to own the space she is in and to transform it according to her vision, creating her own surreal reality.

Raquel Garcia Raquel Garcia

There is no sun anymore to give her safety.
She shoots.
She thinks about her fear, about the state of anxiety that society puts citizens and especially women in, by causing fear to limit their existence and threatening their freedom.

Raquel Garcia Raquel Garcia

Raquel rebels to her own thoughts and fears.

My tripod is a perfect weapon“. This ironic statement captures the essence of this collection that goes beyond the image rapresentation and carries a subtle message of liberation which invites to abandon clichés and inhibitions.

it’s not about not being careful, but about being free

Raquel Garcia

All images © Raquel Garcia / Instagram: @ricci_rar
Written by Ilaria Zocco – Translated by Claudia Russo


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