“Desperations and daily failures” by Amalia D’Onofrio

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Desperations and daily failures” this the name of this photography project, where Amalia D’Onofrio, through her lens, captures and tells about a precise moment of her day. A moment that everyone, at least once in a life, has lived.

Amalia D'Onofrio Amalia D'Onofrio

The eyes are the very first thing that capture the attention when you look at her photographs, eyes that look at the camera, or that focus on an indefinite point in the empty space, out of the shot frame. Then there are the eyes of the artist, that catch, through the photographic lens filter, her key moment, the main protagonist of her tale: a very specific feeling, mixed with boredom and a veiled sadness, sometimes is melancholy and concern for the next future, sometimes is the desire of a gesture or a word of comfort from someone, which in that moment would truly make the difference.

Amalia D'Onofrio Amalia D'Onofrio

Everything is surrounded by dull colours, and this helps to considerably increase the meaning of the message inside these photos, the desire by the author to talk about those moments and those particular days.
In some photographs the subject reflects himself on a surface, and it is not a coincidence. It is possible to see the real person and the reflection, what you see from the outside, and what is hidden inside.

“A lot of people believe that when I have the camera in my hand, I enjoy present and reality less. It is exactly the opposite: what I see through the camera and the way I catch it, is my reality and this makes me live it ten times more intensively, so much that it hurts”.

Amalia D'Onofrio Amalia D'Onofrio

Shoot to capture those specific moments and those sensations, according to the author, doesn’t mean to wish to go far away from present. Indeed, it affirms her wish to fix and to live it even more, and also to elaborate it at the best, explaining how this is, in the end, a natural passage that brings her to create a new artistic project.
“Interpreting everything constantly requires an effort and it tires you so much that at some point you need a little break, and that’s the reason why I do not produce constantly. I take my time and during my breaks I discover new inspirations: I go a lot around my city, I read books about the history of art or I watch movies. Some days I feel so much in contact with nature and what surrounds me, and this bond influences a lot my vision of the woman, for example, and it allows me to see the almost mystic vision I have of “Her”: it is here that my project Ninfe takes place, a project I am still working on”

Amalia D'Onofrio

All images © Amalia D’Onofrio / Instagram: @__frostunderwater
Written by Raffaele Fiorillo / Translated by Sylvia Ciscognetti


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