“Beyond the Veil” by Olga Amendola

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If each life experience, every book read, every painting seen and every poetry line repeated by heart would turn into a thread…life would weave itself into a cloth.
Something light,weightless, just like a veil. A veil that surrounds us and becomes the “filter” through which we perceive our world, but also some sort of “barrier” that others need to see through in order to be able to perceive our real nature.

Olga Amendola Olga Amendola

In this spontaneous and genuine photoshoot, Olga Amendola wants to highlight how photography becomes the key element to go beyond the surface of things, of people, to get to their true essence.

Olga Amendola Olga Amendola

The photographer, just like a lover, is able to re-create the subject as they would do with their loved one” explains Olga. Thanks the photographer’s ‘lovestruck’ view the subject acquires a “new personality”.

There is a mild erotic feeling in the pictures: a love which intensifies a tender and fragile sensuality.

Olga Amendola

Arianna becomes a sort of pre-raphaelite muse, in a bucolic set where the delicate curves of the body are concealed by a thin red veil, which never hides her figure but at the same time never fully reveals it.

In the eyes of our muse there is no fear or uncertainty: her gaze has met the gaze of the one who has learnt to read through the fabric of life and we can perceive it in all its genuiness.
And for a moment we forget about that veil – the one around her and the one around us – and we feel less lonely, less lost.

“Abbiamo bisogno di un sogno Di un’illusione per mezz’ora Un’ora d’aria dalla realtà Un rifugio sicuro che non sia anche degli altri o per gli altri.. ma che sia solo nostro… Abbiamo bisogno di stare su quel palcoscenico della vita, da soli, con il trucco violaceo che ci cola su quel finto sorriso pieno di aspettative.. Abbiamo bisogno di quegli applausi senza i quali un artista, nel suo delirante egocentrismo, non riuscirebbe a vivere… Ma abbiamo bisogno anche di prendere quegli applausi e ispezionare da chi arrivano Battito di mani per battito di mani Perché nell’esistenza, nel nostro percorso più intimo e vero, conta sempre il “da chi e mai il “da gli altri”

All images by © Olga Amendola | Instagram: @olga.amendola_ph
Written and Translated by Claudia Russo


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