“Bailieborough” by Oliver Gargan

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Sometimes, when you lose your way in the fog, you end up in a beautiful place…

Many will agree that fog is one of the most interesting atmospheric agents to capture in a picture: it adds an air of mystery, transports what could be normal scenes of daily life into a timeless dimension where silence reigns absolute.

Oliver Gargan Oliver Gargan

Oliver Gargan, a young Irish photographer, has exploited this natural expedient to create a series of photos capable of transfiguring the face of Bailieborough, the city where he lives and works. One Sunday afternoon, he grabbed his camera and tripod and rushed out with the aim of creating a series of dark and moody images.

Oliver Gargan Oliver Gargan

Many of the shots present the city as deserted, pervaded by a soft blue light; the few human figures have been photographed from afar, and occupy their frame space as elusive silhouettes.

Oliver Gargan Oliver Gargan

All around, in a dreamlike penumbra, the urban landscape is crystallized in stillness. Yet, despite the apparent calm, a certain tension is perceived, perhaps because the insistence of blue tones suggests that the sun is about to set.

Oliver Gargan Oliver Gargan

On the other hand, it may also be that the subtle anxiety perceived by the observer is just another effect of the presence of the fog: with the vanishing point dispersed in a sea of white, the mind of the viewer is crowded with questions. Where does that road lead? Is there anyone behind those closed windows? What if something was about to pop around the corner?

Oliver Gargan Oliver Gargan

“I like to keep my camera settings simple, and not over complicate things, when out shooting. When you overthink, you lose sight of what you really want. I knew it was getting dark also, so I had to hurry up”.

Oliver Gargan

That of Oliver Gargan is a series which leaves you in a state of suspence with the idea that between those sidewalks there migh still be something to discover, hidden characters and situations that we will never be able to see – or maybe yes, once the sun returns.

All images © Oliver Gargan / Instagram: @Oliver Gargan
Written by Federica Bertagnolli – Translated by Federica Bertagnolli


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