“Abandoned Midwest” by Sarah Shoemaker

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In 2015 Sarah Shoemaker found some derelict buildings just a few miles away from her home in Iowa: they were fragments of other people’s lives that could not be ignored.
Here is where ‘Abandoned Midwest‘ was born: an unreleased photoset of places past their best which have been portrayed by Sarah up until 2018.
Houses,hotels, cars and other buildings are treated as living subjects that did not leave the photographer indifferent. She has listened to them and captured their past.
Forgotten,left to fall apart, abandoned to the seasons and claimed by the nature around them: these places tell the stories of those who inhabited them,of the objects they used and of their suspended lives.
The plates are still stacked in the cupboard,the phone is still dangling as it was never hang up,the family photo albums are still laying open in the living room.

Sarah Shoemaker Sarah Shoemaker

All the elements of the compositions are an excuse to evoke glimpses of other lives. The observer is inevitably forced to remember and think about the past life of those relics, about those friends and families who surely gathered in those room with the messy wallpaper,among damp walls,or sat in the cabins of those rusty cars.

Sarah Shoemaker Sarah Shoemaker

With this photo set Sarah takes us in a surreal world and lets us stumble upon unique places with her, and admire everything with a bit of nostalgia.

Link to purchase: www.blurb.com/b/9279270-abandoned-midwest


All images © Sarah Shoemaker / Instagram: @saraheshoemaker
Written by Ilaria Zocco / Translation by Claudia Russo


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